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The purpose of this section is to provide highlights and noteworthy appearances of US Asians/APA's on television shows and films. This includes people on both sides of the camera from actors, directors, writers, special effects personnel, camera people and producers. Contact us by clicking HERE if we've missed anybody.


Russell Wong's Vanishing Son

This show has reappeared on television! Vanishing Son was one of the first tv show that featured an Asian Pacific American male (Russell Wong) and mostly an Asian Pacific American cast!

Considering that previous interracial romances that have featured an Asian male with a non-Asian female have generally gone astray, this program was a needed view that indeed this kind of relationship can (and does) occur.

Not since James Shigeta in Crimson Kimono and Bridge to the Sun has this type of relationship has been in a major studio production. Too often, as seen in Romeo Must Die, the Asian/Asian Pacific American male is seen as a romantic non-entity.

Despite recent attempts to incorporate Asian/Asian Pacific Americans within the tapestry of the general public's environment through films such as Disney's Johnny Tsunami, the results are usually very unsatisfactory.

Russell Wong's Vanishing Son was a precursor to Margaret Cho's "All American Girl" on ABC - of which, we hope that it will be brought back to television. Despite the many problems attached to the program (no Asian/Asian Pacific American writers), this show was hoped to be the first of various shows "humanizing" for the general public the "APA" communities. Alas, it didn't?!?!

This is in addition to the weekly appearances of the following:

  • Lucy Liu in "Ally McBeal"
  • George Takei in "Star Trek"
  • Ming-Na Wen in "ER"
  • Tamlyn Tomita in "The Burning Zone"
  • Garrett Wang in "Star Trek - The Next Generation"
  • Amy Hill in the "Strip Mall"
  • B.D. Wong in "Oz"
  • Sammo Hung and Kelly Hu in "Martial Law"
  • Lisa Ling on "The View"
  • Ann Curry (newsreporter) on MSNBC
  • Jackie Chan in his Saturday cartoon show

In addition, check out these movies that will be shown this week such as the following

  • Come See the Paradise
  • Joy Luck Club
  • Go For Broke and
  • Disney's Mulan.


Additional information on the shows can be found at the following places:


Information from listings on the major network television stations (i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX), cable stations (i.e. HBO, ShowTime, CineMax, Lifetime, Sci-Fi, PAX, A&E, etc.), "Super Stations" (i.e. UPN, WGN, TNT, TBS), PBS shows, etc. from many resources will be listed. Visit the websites listed below for specific information on shows of interest.


Each month, we will feature noteworthy and important artists from the film, music, literature, athletics, community and politics world for your review.

KEN FONG - Senior Pastor of Evergreen Baptist located in San Gabriel. He writes of his vision, purpose and methods to reach the various Asian Pacific American communities for Christ. He notes that, far too often, the existing leaders/pastors of the respective APA communities are caught between the forces of culture and Christianity - with the former aspect winning most of the time. Pastor Fong envisions a time where an unadulterated and clear message of Christ can be shared that reaches all communities - Asian/Asian Pacific American/Multi-ethnic and American and shares how one can accomplish this reality.

ENRIQUE IGLESIAS - Heartthrob singing sensation whose father is the famous Julio Iglesias and mother is a Filipina (Isabel Preysler) is the best-selling Latin recording artist in the world while being the winner of the GRAMMY Award for the Best Latin Pop Performer,. In three years he has sold more than ten million copies of his first two albums, entitled ENRIQUE IGLESIAS and VIVIR.

Without the help of his famous father, Enrique, who was born on May 8, 1975 in Madrid Spain, has capitalized on the latest rage of Latin pop stars and his great looks to attain great popular success in the United States!

Enrique Iglesias began his career in 1995, when he was barely 20 years old and made his appearance in the music world with his first album, which he had been secretly planning since he was 16 without anyone, not even his family, knowing. In the first three months he sold his first million copies (eventually 5.8 million copies) and he earned his first gold record in Portugal after three weeks on the market. In the United States, he has earned two platinum records, as certified by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), for sales of over two million copies of his first two records. Nine of his songs have ranked number one on the radio stations of over 19 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia (Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore).

1997 saw his first World Tour, entitled VIVIR. 78 concerts, 13 countries, 720,000 people attended and at stadiums with 50,000+ capacity. His other awrds include 116 platinum records, 227 gold, 26 international awards, 1996 Grammy for Best Latin Performer, 1997 Billboard Magazine Album of the Year, World Music Award to the best-selling Latin recording artist in the world, seven Premio Lo Nuestro awards, two ACE Performer of the Year awards, two ASCAP to the Best Composer in 1996 and 1997, and nominations for Best Latin Performer in the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards in 1997.

MICHELLE KWAN - This great role model has a MICHELLE KWAN - This great computer game that acknowledges the great popularity and admiration that many people have of the artistry that Michelle displays on the ice (both on and off). Hopefully, this is a new trend for companies won't have a reluctance to utilize any talented and recognizable people (whether they would be Black, White, Hispanic or even ASIAN/ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN) in their respective advertising/promotion of any product! Michelle's constant accomplishments as a champion on the ice, via the various medals she has won the past number of years, provides ample evidence of her status as a great role model and example!

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